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A cutting-edge solution tailored for real-time identification of safety threats, leveraging advanced AI to detect weapons and seamlessly communicate potential dangers for prompt response. Enhance safety; stay ahead of threats.

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A cutting-edge Communication and AI Weapon Detection Platform. Merging the newest communication tech with powerful AI, LENX empowers law enforcement, security personnel,

and citizens with rapid-response tools for potential threats. Its AI-driven weapon detection proactively identifies risks, ensuring safer responses and environments. Committed to a safer world with LENX.


Advanced security platform designed to facilitate real-time communication between citizens and law enforcement, first responders, and security companies. Aimed at enhancing public safety and vigilance,

this solution employs sophisticated AI algorithms to analyze live video footage and detect the presence of any weapons within the scene. Upon detection, it promptly notifies the relevant law enforcement agencies, providing precise details regarding the location and type of weapon identified, aiding in swift response to potential threats or medical emergencies.


An advanced solution uses AI to analyze video footage in real time, identifying weapons to aid rapid response in active shooter situations. Enhanced communication features ensure coordinated and effective interventions.


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AI Weapon Detection contributes to the prevention of school shootings and violence.

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LENX's fire detection system was developed to address environmental threats to human life and property.

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LENX standard drone detection.

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The LENX AI detects smoke directly at the source.


Real-Time Position Tracking

No need to verbally update citizens' and officers' locations verbally. GPS tracking shares the user's position dynamically with all responders.


The Emergency Alert Dispatcher is an innovative emergency response solution designed to streamline and expedite the process of communicating urgent situations.


A real-time notification tool for LENX users, HOT Mapping alerts users to nearby threats. By simply clicking on a map, users can unveil the exact location of potential dangers in their vicinity.

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LENX is a platform that empowers users to instantly report violations to local law enforcement and security agencies in real-time.

Real-Time Texting and Communication

Centralized texting platform that dynamically creates groups for real-time intelligence sharing and communication between users and first responders.


LENX AI Technology detects weapons as soon as they are visible on camera, flagging threats before shots are fired.

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Life Saving Difference

Our Advanced AI Weapon Identification and Instant Communication System is an innovative solution crafted to enhance safety and security within educational institutions. This pioneering technology leverages the latest AI to swiftly identify threats, significantly minimizing response times during active shooter incidents. It delivers immediate updates and accurate locations of potential dangers, equipping students, staff, and security teams with crucial information when every second counts. It's not just a system; it's an essential life-saving apparatus created to send rapid alerts to law enforcement and facilitate urgent security actions. This state-of-the-art system is our proactive step to prevent tragedies by offering unparalleled access to essential life-preserving information. In perilous situations, we are not just responding but proactively protecting our future.

Law Enforcement Network AI Weapon Detection and Communication System


LENX is the premier solution for maintaining public safety. Utilizing sophisticated AI algorithms, our cutting-edge platform can identify weapons in real-time, empowering law enforcement to intervene promptly and neutralize impending dangers before they intensify. It also fosters smooth communication among law enforcement entities, enabling collaborative efforts to safeguard communities. Immediate access to live information allows officers to respond rapidly and make knowledgeable choices, potentially saving lives.

Our Collaboration with MLMPI Schools

Our Collaboration with MLMPI Schools

The MLMPI School has joined forces with LENX to significantly enhance safety and security across its educational institutions. This collaboration is dedicated to ensuring the protection of students, staff, and their families.
LENX will deploy cutting-edge surveillance and threat detection systems, reinforcing security measures as a top priority. These advanced technologies enable the continuous monitoring of authorized access and swift detection of potential threats such as firearms, smoke, or fire. The integration of LENX's real-time intelligence system is designed to facilitate efficient communication among various emergency response teams.
By incorporating LENX's robust security solutions, the MLMPI Schools aim to elevate safety standards while preserving a non-disruptive learning environment. This strategic partnership reflects MLMPI School's unwavering commitment to fostering a secure and attentive environment for the entire educational community, providing reassurance to everyone involved.

What Clients Say?

The rise of artificial intelligence has certainly been a game-changer in the world. The LENX AI weapon solution is one of this industry's most recent advanced developments. Developed by a team of experienced engineers, this cutting-edge technology can revolutionize the future of public safety and security.

Robert A. Chanter "Chief of Security" Rapid Response

LENX is revolutionizing the security industry with its advanced AI weapon, real-time communication, and alerting solution. This cutting-edge technology combines machine learning algorithms with autonomous weapons systems to create a more innovative and efficient weapon. Using data to analyze suspicious movements, LENX's AI weapon solution can identify threats faster and respond more accurately.

David Soloman "Chairman" Oryx Security & Defence

The Al weapon detection and notification system developed by BeMotion - Law Enforcement Network is a game-changer allowing our staff and local law enforcement to receive real-time information, leading to faster and more organized response efforts.

Frank Steslow "President & CEO" Phillip & Patricia Frost Museum of Science

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